Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

We have been back south for five days now, and it is high time we closed off this shortened holiday blog.

We drove off from Yulara at 5.30am last Sunday, with our lovely breakfast kits supplied by Desert Gardens Hotel. It was raining, slightly, and for 170kms we saw no other vehicle. Sadly, we saw no critters either. We stopped at Erldunda, at the junction of the main north-south Stuart Highway and Lasseter Highway, for a cuppa. From there it was 200 kms to Alice Springs airport. Again we saw little, except a Wedge-tailed eagle dining on roadkill. Such magnificent birds. I love their trousered legs!

When we say we saw little, we mean in terms of “life”. We did of course see lots of landscape. It’s fascinating country – muscular, in-your-face land that dares you to like it. We do – and are glad we managed to enjoy this first part of our planned holiday and to have once again done those three wonderful walks. The weather wasn’t as wonderful for two of them as we’d hoped, but that just added to the experience.

Our two plane flights home were on time and pretty uneventful, though Len did have an interesting neighbour for the Alice Springs-Sydney leg. He told Len all about his “baby” (“literally, my baby”), that is, his drone. He got out his laptop and showed Len the images he’d taken of Alice – not bad in fact – and when we landed he showed us the actual drone. Interesting, but it feels creepy to me that people can fly these things around willy nilly to “look at anything I want”. Hmm.

Then, it was a quick overnight stop to swap out our warmer weather holiday clothes for Melbourne winter clothes – brrr – followed by flight on Monday morning to Melbourne where we were pleased to see Evan, alive and well, albeit looking a little worse for wear. Things are now progressing in the right direction …

And that, as they say, was that … not quite the holiday we’d planned but what we did was enjoyable for all the challenges.

And one last photo …

Amphitheatre at the Desert Gardens Hotel
5:30am: Near the Amphitheatre at the Desert Gardens Hotel

4 thoughts on “Home again, home again, jiggety-jig”

  1. In response to your lovely, informative post:

    The Desert Gardens Hotel pic was lovely and a good final travel shot.

    I would love to see the Wedge-tailed eagle even dining on roadkill. I will look it up.

    Yes, the whole drone thing is rather spooky. Have you heard about the one somewhere here in the states with a gun on it, operated by a teenager, who was target shooting. Really? Leave it to us in the US to get that video. =(

    So glad you got to Evan….. hope he heals promptly and well.

    Of course, I am sorry that this travel did not work as you had planned and hoped… but as usual ya’ll made the best of it.
    Give Evan and Sylvia my best regards and let them know there is sort of goofy old southern California lady, believing in the possibility of ALL things, who says prayers for there speedy and uneventful recoveries and sends all the good vibes she can muster in their direction.

    My good friend, Nancy, who by the way is coming to spend the night with me this evening,we will talk and visit until our mouths won’t work anymore, has a closing phrase on all her emails that I thing is appropriate to share with you to for the event s of this travel adventure. So I leave you with her words (borrowed or original, I don’t know)

    “Life may not be the party we asked for, but we may as well dance”

    Thank you again, as always for generously sharing your travel adventures. I had a great time!!

    Love to you both and to all those your love,

    Trudy Jayne for Carter and Trudy

  2. Thanks Trudy. It’s been fun sharing our trip with you and reading your comments and reflections. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friend Nancy.

    As for the drone, no I hadn’t heard that. That’s truly scary.

    Sylvia emailed last night and is going well she says, and Evan is on the mend too. Both a frustrated I think about their inability to drive for some time! But for Evan there are still also issues about learning to live one-handed. But every day will see improvement in that, in his ability to use his right arm and hand again.

    Love Nancy’s quote … Perfect.

  3. For Trudy – I have enjoyed reading your comments which seem to add to Sue’s blog posts – now I know why she and Len hold you in such high regard. i always enjoy wearing a felt brooch Sue brought back from her last visit to you and keep you in my prayers, too.

    A great last holiday post and photo, too, Sue – we look forward to seeing you again on your final return to Canberra especially knowing you leave Evan making good progress. Love to you all.

    • Thanks Mum … Glad you’ve got to know Trudy a little through these posts.

      See you soon.

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