Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Day 10: At Mt Borradaile

Long Art Site Walk: the Catacombs This morning we were offered the option of short (1 km or so) or long (3-4 kms) walks to see rock art. Driver Ian was very concerned that we didn’t extend ourselves beyond our capabilities, explaining that the long walk involved some rock scrambling. This was because the waters … Read more

Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Day 9: Next stop, Mt Borradaile

For much of the trip croc spotting has been the main fascination but for today’s trip it was buffalo spotting. Unfortunately, they were surprisingly skittish for big critters, so we didn’t get good sightings and pics. It was a demanding drive, as we were on a Permit road, which took Outback Spirit three years to … Read more