Thredbo 2021, Days 3-4: Back in the high country

As I know I’ve said before, travellers have to be flexible. We need to be prepared to make new traditions when old ones fail, and so it was for us this year. For many years now, our Thredbo holiday has started with lunch at Wildbrumby Distillery, which is located between Jindabyne and Thredbo. It’s a … Read more

Thredbo 2019, Days 1 & 2: Mild and wet

I titled last year’s first Thredbo Trip post, “Hot and wet”. This year’s needs just a slight change from “Hot” to “Mild”, and it’s done. In other words, Day 1 this year was quite mild, indeed well over 10°C cooler than Day 1 last year, but Day 2 was again wet. In fact, I venture … Read more

Thredbo 2018, Days 3 & 4: Lying low in Thredbo

An iffy sort of day As we expected from the forecasts, Tuesday dawned cool and overcast. With storms forecast for the morning, we decided to stay in and wait to see what the afternoon brought. Our little studio apartment is very comfortable so it’s not hard to relax and read while we wait to see … Read more

Thredbo 2017, Days One and Two: Comin’ round the mountain

Here we are again, on our annual sojourn in Thredbo for five glorious nights, and they will be glorious – regardless of the weather which looks a little iffy – because it is such a lovely place to be. We arrived yesterday and it was a beautiful day. I can’t remember a time when the … Read more

Thredbo 2016, Days Four and Five

And now, the last two days of our 2016 stay in Thredbo … Day 4 Today saw us make our second assault on the Dead Horse Gap walking track in the upward direction. Described by National Parks as “the ultimate Snowy Mountains walking track”, this walk has long been one of our favourites in the … Read more