Port Macquarie Trip 2019, Days 1 to 3: Starting our Farewell Tour

Setting the scene This will be our last annual trip to Port Macquarie, though emulating Nellie Melba, there’s always the chance that we’ll come back one day. For now, though, with the timeshare resort (the whole resort, not just Mum and Dad’s week) being prepared for sale, we plan to make our formal good byes … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 1 to 3: Getting there and settling in

Another year, another trip to Port Macquarie. Our challenge with this annual holiday is to enjoy favourites while mixing it up a bit too. Fortunately, it’s such a rich area – history, landscape, culture – that it’s usually possible to do this. I’ll start, though, with the trip up. Driving, driving, driving Last year we … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip, Part 1: The first few days

We weren’t sure we were going to do any posts on this trip, given we’ve been to Port Macquarie so many times over the years – but we’ve decided that there are some things we’d like to document and share, so here we are. We’ll probably just write a couple. En route We left Canberra … Read more