Thredbo 2020, Days 5 & 6: Not much doing

Our holiday ended with, I must say, a whimper as it rained, and rained, and rained, all day. We always experience some rain during our January Thredbo trips, but it’s rare for there not to be a break during the day, enabling us to sneak out for a short walk. Not so on our last … Read more

Thredbo 2020, Days 1 & 2: A lazy start

We’ve had the laziest start ever to our annual Thredbo holiday because of the weather! It rained! And quite a bit. You know, that wet stuff that falls from the sky? Backtracking though, we got off promptly and did our usual trip down, stopping at Cooma’s The Lott for our morning cuppa and wildbrumby for … Read more

Thredbo 2019, Days 5 & 6: Proverbs and axioms

Better a titmouse in the hand … In Axiomatic, the book I was reading while away, author Maria Tumarkin quotes the proverb “Better a titmouse in the hand than a crane in the sky”, explaining that it’s the Russian version of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Rather appropriate, I … Read more