Melbourne Trip 2020 (Feb): There and back

We have been visiting Melbourne a few times a year for several years now, because both our children, and now our first grandchild, all live there. We don’t usually blog about these visits, because, although we do some sightseeing, the visits are mostly about private family stuff. However, this February we did some things we’d … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 4 to 6: Taking it easy

We have been having a lazy time at Port, partly (or largely) because of Len’s cold. It’s not much worse, but neither is it much better – so not pushing it has been the aim. We have, nonetheless, got out and about, and generally passed the time, in a gentle way: Out and about We’ve … Read more

Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Days 1 and 2: On the way

We left Canberra, yesterday (Thursday) – on what was in fact a glorious day heading towards 17°C. That was amazing enough, but then we hit Sydney (for our overnight stay in preparation for Friday’s 7.40am flight. If you are a Canberran you know that you do not risk early morning starts in winter. Fog can … Read more