Hobart, Days 6 & 7: Pottering around town

Having been on the road for ten days, albeit staying at each place two nights at a time, we were ready for a slower pace when we got back to Hobart for our final stint. We consequently decided not to do the dayflight tour to the southwest, that we were considering. That, special as it … Read more

Lake St Clair, Days 1 & 2: Off the grid

Well, Len has had his Andy-Warholian-15-minutes-of-fame. Within half an hour of his stellar role as the drunken captain on The Ship That Never Was, he was recognised to acclaim in the takeaway cafe, Molly’s, near our motel, and again, by another appreciative audience member at the petrol pumps the next morning. Fortunately no paparazzi were … Read more