Port Macquarie Trip 2019, Days 4 & 5: Sunny days

The forecast for our Port Macquarie week was for it to be cloudy and rainy on Friday, the day we arrived, and then pretty much clear, sunny days in the low twenties for the rest of the time. So far that has been correct. We did indeed have rain on Friday, and we have had … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2019, Days 1 to 3: Starting our Farewell Tour

Setting the scene This will be our last annual trip to Port Macquarie, though emulating Nellie Melba, there’s always the chance that we’ll come back one day. For now, though, with the timeshare resort (the whole resort, not just Mum and Dad’s week) being prepared for sale, we plan to make our formal good byes … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 7 to 9: Last days in Port

As my Mum used to say when we’d all come here together, the time here goes so fast. You arrive, looking forward to a lovely week in a lovely place, and suddenly three or four days have passed and you are planning your last days. And so it is. Suddenly it was Tuesday night with … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 4 to 6: Taking it easy

We have been having a lazy time at Port, partly (or largely) because of Len’s cold. It’s not much worse, but neither is it much better – so not pushing it has been the aim. We have, nonetheless, got out and about, and generally passed the time, in a gentle way: Out and about We’ve … Read more

Port Macquarie 2017, Days 7 to 9: Coming to an end

Out and about Our last two days in Port Macquarie saw us being a bit more active. On Wednesday, which was forecast to be warm, we set off promptly at around 8.30 am to do our favourite Coastal Walk, having left our car in town and taxied to Tacking Point lighthouse. About 2 1/4 hrs and … Read more