Perth Trip 2022, Days 5-6: Settling into Freo; Visiting Rotto

Like many tourists I think, when we come to Perth we gravitate to Fremantle (or Freo as it is affectionately called.) This probably sounds like we are old hands, but in fact I’ve only been here two or three times before, and Len once. That last time was in 2005! For our non-Australian readers, I … Read more

Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Day 16: Tiwi By Design Tour

We did a day tour of the beautiful Tiwi Islands back in 2006, and decided it was time to visit there again. I was particularly keen because while we were travelling I was reading Marie Munkara’s memoir, Of ashes and rivers that run to the sea. She was born in Arnhem Land, but was living … Read more

Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Day 12: In and around Seven Spirit Bay

Today gives you a lesson in not believing all you read. You may remember that I finished yesterday’s post with some hifalutin’ statement about magical days? What I didn’t mention was today’s shocker. You see, today’s main activity was to visit the historic Victoria Settlement. That sounded good, as did getting there via a circa … Read more

Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Day 11: Last day on the coach, and on to Seven Spirit Bay

This day was to be our last on the coach, the rest of the tour being by boat and plane. The coach has been good to us, and as comfortable as it could be, but 1400 kms or so of dirt, mostly corrugated or heavily rutted, roads, complete with water crossings, does take its toll … Read more

Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Day 10: At Mt Borradaile

Long Art Site Walk: the Catacombs This morning we were offered the option of short (1 km or so) or long (3-4 kms) walks to see rock art. Driver Ian was very concerned that we didn’t extend ourselves beyond our capabilities, explaining that the long walk involved some rock scrambling. This was because the waters … Read more