Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 10 to 12: The long way home

Having returned home the standard way through Sydney for years, we decided last year to mix it up a bit, and so we returned via Walcha, Tamworth, Mudgee and Bathurst. This year we opted for a route through the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains, both being places we haven’t properly visited for a long … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 7 to 9: Last days in Port

As my Mum used to say when we’d all come here together, the time here goes so fast. You arrive, looking forward to a lovely week in a lovely place, and suddenly three or four days have passed and you are planning your last days. And so it is. Suddenly it was Tuesday night with … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 4 to 6: Taking it easy

We have been having a lazy time at Port, partly (or largely) because of Len’s cold. It’s not much worse, but neither is it much better – so not pushing it has been the aim. We have, nonetheless, got out and about, and generally passed the time, in a gentle way: Out and about We’ve … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 1 to 3: Getting there and settling in

Another year, another trip to Port Macquarie. Our challenge with this annual holiday is to enjoy favourites while mixing it up a bit too. Fortunately, it’s such a rich area – history, landscape, culture – that it’s usually possible to do this. I’ll start, though, with the trip up. Driving, driving, driving Last year we … Read more