Melbourne Trip 2020 (Feb): There and back

We have been visiting Melbourne a few times a year for several years now, because both our children, and now our first grandchild, all live there. We don’t usually blog about these visits, because, although we do some sightseeing, the visits are mostly about private family stuff. However, this February we did some things we’d … Read more

Thredbo 2019, Days 1 & 2: Mild and wet

I titled last year’s first Thredbo Trip post, “Hot and wet”. This year’s needs just a slight change from “Hot” to “Mild”, and it’s done. In other words, Day 1 this year was quite mild, indeed well over 10°C cooler than Day 1 last year, but Day 2 was again wet. In fact, I venture … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 10 to 12: The long way home

Having returned home the standard way through Sydney for years, we decided last year to mix it up a bit, and so we returned via Walcha, Tamworth, Mudgee and Bathurst. This year we opted for a route through the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains, both being places we haven’t properly visited for a long … Read more