Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Days 19 and 20: It’s a wrap

Firstly, congratulations to all of you who made it through to the end with us. We admire your stamina, and appreciate your interest in our commentary and pics. We had a great holiday. Last full day Our main goal for the last day was to enjoy the warmth, relax, and do some final shopping. This … Read more

Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Days 14-15: Finding our feet in Darwin

Final farewell and filling in the morning Although we’d said goodbye the night before, the tour officially ended with breakfast the next day. However, with different people heading off in different directions – including 5 on the Ghan – we only ran into two other couples at breakfast. We did though see the Ghan party … Read more

Arnhem Land Trip 2018, Day 13: Back to civilisation, so to speak

Wah, the last full day of our trip. We had waited so long for this trip, having booked last August/September, and now it was nearly over! We would all have loved an extra day at Seven Spirit Bay, and are envious of next year’s tour participants who will get just that in the revamped itinerary. … Read more