Port Macquarie Trip 2019, Days 4 & 5: Sunny days

The forecast for our Port Macquarie week was for it to be cloudy and rainy on Friday, the day we arrived, and then pretty much clear, sunny days in the low twenties for the rest of the time. So far that has been correct. We did indeed have rain on Friday, and we have had … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip 2018, Days 1 to 3: Getting there and settling in

Another year, another trip to Port Macquarie. Our challenge with this annual holiday is to enjoy favourites while mixing it up a bit too. Fortunately, it’s such a rich area – history, landscape, culture – that it’s usually possible to do this. I’ll start, though, with the trip up. Driving, driving, driving Last year we … Read more

Port Macquarie Trip, Part 2: Fair days and foul

Actually, to be honest, we haven’t had any really foul days, but we have only had two beautiful days. (That’s what you get for coming in winter!) One of these days was the day of the coastal walk, which we described in our last post, and the other was the following day which we’ll describe … Read more