Thredbo 2020, Days 3 & 4: Walking, eating, chatting

Comin’ down the mountain Tuesday’s forecast was iffy but we decided to risk walking down the hill. This meant taking the chairlift up, having a cuppa of course at Eagle’s Nest, and walking back down. Now, there are three main walking tracks down from Eagle’s Nest: Dead Horse Gap track, closed due to “the fire … Read more

Thredbo 2019, Days 3 & 4: Joining the dots

Days three and four, this year, were perfect ones – weather-wise. Both days were clear and sunny, with mild temperatures in the very low 20┬░sC. Perfect for walking, so that’s what we did. Joining the dots There aren’t many day-walks we haven’t done in the region, but one is the Summit Walk from Charlotte Pass. … Read more

Thredbo 2018, Days 3 & 4: Lying low in Thredbo

An iffy sort of day As we expected from the forecasts, Tuesday dawned cool and overcast. With storms forecast for the morning, we decided to stay in and wait to see what the afternoon brought. Our little studio apartment is very comfortable so it’s not hard to relax and read while we wait to see … Read more