Thredbo 2017, Days Three and Four: Up the mountain

What goes down must come up – well not exactly but if you are in Thredbo you feel that you should do both directions, even if it is in the reverse order. But before we talk about going up, we need to talk about staying level …

A quiet day

So, we woke very early to the beautiful sounds of the Little Raven. We often think waking to our local wattle birds isn’t the most beautiful thing, but waking to the Little Raven puts paid to that. We’ll never complain again. I woke at 5.30am to their wailing cry this morning!

Anyhow, day three was forecast to be wet. The morning looked OK, but Len’s calves and my thighs (what, I wonder, have all those yoga lunges done for me!!) were a little sore so with our sore muscles, and the not so wonderful forecast, we decided on a quiet, recovery day.

However, we couldn’t spend the whole day inside so we drove into Jindabyne where we did some shopping and had a lovely lunch at a new-ish well-reviewed cafe, Birchwood. On the way home we stopped at the Wild Brumby where I tried their home distilled gin and Len had a hot cuppa. By this time the forecast weather was closing in and by the time we returned home, around 1.30pm, is was fair pouring, and didn’t really let up for the rest of the day. We used our Squatters Run supplied umbrellas – better than our little collapsibles – to go out in the evening.

We spent our time watching the tennis, reading, downloading photos, drafting this blog, and having fun playing music from our youth, using Apple Music and our apartment’s Blue Tooth connection. There are worse ways to spend your time! Len had a good time finding performers ranging from Led Zeppelin to Judy Collins, while I just enjoyed listening.

In the evening we went to the Black Bear Inn for dinner, which is, fortunately, a 5 minute walk up the road, because it was STILL raining. We had a very hearty meal which is what the Black Bear is known for. We’ve been to trivia nights here in the past but they seem to have decided in the last couple of years not to run them in quiet January. A shame for us, but we understand.

Going up the mountain

And now, having gone down the mountain it was time to go up. The walk we like to do involves a circa 5km walk along the Thredbo River, which took us about an hour and a half, followed by a 4-5 km climb up the range from the river environment, through sub-alpine vegetation to the alpine, above the tree-line environment and then on to Eagle’s Nest at the top of the Crackenback chairlift. It’s one of the best walks in the region because in 10kms or so (Map My Walk clocked it at 12.5kms) you travel through such a variety of environments and vegetation.

It’s strenuous at times, particularly the first 10-15 mins ascent from Dead Horse Gap, but we weren’t in a hurry. We stopped, rested, took photos, nibbled on the odd muesli bar, and around 4 hours after we left Thredbo village, we found ourselves at the Bull Wheel Bar at Eagle’s Nest, enjoying a drink and some hot chips, before descending to the village via the chairlift (having done it the long way, as you know, on Day 2).

One of the fun aspects of walking is meeting other walkers. We met many on this walk, including a chap from Sutton (just outside Canberra), and a couple from Germany. “We’re German, we don’t speak good English” was their comment upon our greeting them. Imagine their surprise to find a competent German speaker in our little party of two!

You can click the following link to check out the walk we did from Thredbo Village via Dead Horse Gap to Eagle’s Nest. Luckily, while dark-ish clouds blew overhead a few times, they never dropped rain on us. However, they did help keep the temperature to a very pleasant level. It was also a great year for photographs as there were more wildflowers out this year than in our recent trips. Clearly a later season this year, for which we were grateful.

We left our apartment at 8.30am and were back by around 1pm. We spent the afternoon relaxing, as we like to do, before going to Bernti’s again for a light meal and a drink. So ended another enjoyable day in Kosciuszko National Park.


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8 thoughts on “Thredbo 2017, Days Three and Four: Up the mountain”

  1. Enjoying your posts, thanks, Sue! Not sure about your Little Raven link. I got a biog, instead of an ornitholigical reference? How welcoming for the German visitors and how lovely that the wildflowers are abundant! 🙂

  2. Hmm, thanks Mary. I’ll church that link. I thought I was choosing a Wikipedia link.

    Anyhow glad you are enjoying the blog posts.

    Hope you are keeping cool.

  3. Were they bees or flies or some other nefarious critter? Outstanding view in that lovely video. Thank you for giving the full panoramic. I love all the flower pictures but especially the violets. Were any of the flowers fragrant? I assume the Trigger flowers have explosive seed dispersal? As my good friend always ask – what does it smell like? The trees in the Die-back
    shot look appropriately like ghosts with lamenting limbs. The quiet day and the music sounds like lovely relaxation.. and make overcast and rain seem right.

    I am as always enjoying your journeying and grateful to be included.


    • Haha Trudy, they were the dreaded March Flies. Fortunately they liked Len more than they liked me! They bite so we don’t like them.

      Interesting question re fragrance. Neither Len nor I have a great sense of smell so it’s not something we focus on. However gums mostly have a scent, but what we discovered on this trip was that the Rice Flower has a delicate scent too.

  4. It’s the snow gums that entrance me – though I love the flowers too but there is something about unusual tree (mal)formations that makes you realise what mighty plants they are. All the photos/videos of flowers, scenery are wonderful. And, of course, the food/dining pictures remind us you are relaxing as well. Make the most of it! February and a return to the usual busy round (which is going to be very busy this year!) is fast approaching.

    • Yes, we included that image especially for you Mum. Knew you’d love it, as I do.

      Thanks for the reminder re the busy year to come!!

  5. Loving those flowers Sue. Such a lovely walk that one. We are having some rain in Queenstown, but we are getting out between showers. Will share the blog next time so you get a notification!

  6. Thanks Kate.

    Ah, is it sharing you have to do? If so, I’d really appreciate it – I love reading it, but the days can whizz by before I realise that I haven’t checked your blog.

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