Perth Trip 2022, Day 7-8: Wrapping up in WA 

Our morning adventure With a free morning on our last full day in the West, we decided to head south out of town to see the Lake Clifton thrombolites in the Mandurah area, around 120km south of Perth. We knew it was risky business, as the brochure said the best viewing is from January to … Read more

Perth Trip 2022, Days 5-6: Settling into Freo; Visiting Rotto

Like many tourists I think, when we come to Perth we gravitate to Fremantle (or Freo as it is affectionately called.) This probably sounds like we are old hands, but in fact I’ve only been here two or three times before, and Len once. That last time was in 2005! For our non-Australian readers, I … Read more

Perth Trip 2022, Day 4: Heading south

Today we completed the circuit that saw us, over three days, driving from Perth east to York, then north to New Norcia and Cervantes, and back south to Perth and on into Fremantle. It’s been a great little itinerary of around 700kms all up. There were more wildflowers today, as you will see, but today … Read more

Perth Trip 2022, Day 3: Heading north

Day 3 of our trip proved to be quite a long and demanding one, but one which saw us achieving some sightseeing goals, though really all of it has been a goal. As one does when travelling, we are noticing differences from home (that is, from the southeast of Australia versus this western part). It … Read more

Perth Trip 2022, Days 1-2: Heading east

We’ve sort of lost our travel blogging mojo of late, partly of course because we haven’t travelled so much since the pandemic started in early 2020, but mostly because we started this blog primarily as a way of sharing our trips with Mum and Dad. With their having both now died, my inspiration has failed … Read more